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Green Light Vending. Our Mission, to Best Serve our Clients.


We will stock all machines on an as-needed basis to insure a constant supply of product. All costs associated with pilferage, service and maintenance will be the responsibility of Green Light Vending. No risk to you.


Green Light Vending will provide, at no cost to your establishment, new state-of-the-art vending machines for use in the appropriate venues.


It is important to note that you do not have to implement multiple machines to do business with us. If you are only interested in one machine, Green Light Vending will be able to accommodate your needs.


The following table summarizes our services. Please contact us at 502.634.1001 or with additional questions.



Green Light Vending Services



We provide the machine(s) for free

You do not buy the machine(s)


Our route drivers deliver the snacks, candy and beverages to the machines

You never stock the machine(s)


We provide customized stocking and product rotation on an as needed basis

You never purchase product


We are responsible for the product in the machine, in the event of a power loss, you lose nothing

You never stock the machine(s) You have no inventory


We handle all maintenance associated with the machine(s). This includes handling all service calls with our own technicians.

You are never responsible for any machine maintenance




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